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XOMAGE: the world's FIRST open-source EXOSOME

 Introducing XOMAGE: EXOSOMES are Revolutionizing Regenerative Medicine! 


Excited to announce XOMAGE, an exosome-based product with 10 billion particles from adipose mesenchymal stem cells (ADMSCs-EXO).


Xomage is the world's FIRST open-source exosome product, enabling you to track each exosome to its donor. Transparency and traceability like never before!


Zishel's All-in-One Production Pipeline:

  1. Top Donor Selection: Only the youngest and healthiest donors.

  2. On-Site Production: Same-building clinic and production center to drastically reduce cell stress from transportation.

  3. Purity: Up to 97.8% purification with advanced technology.


Discover the future of healthcare with XOMAGE. Join us in this exciting journey towards better health and well-being.



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