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TESSLIFT-160 is Showcased to Airlie Biomedical and Cosmetic Polyclinic, Taiwan's Largest Aesthet

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, April.02 , 2017 -- TESSLIFT CO., LTD., a leading provider of tissue approximation technologies for Plastic & Reconstruction markets, showcased its TESSLIFT-160 (non-absorbable implant) to surgeons of the Taiwan's biggest cosmetic clinic chain, Airlie Polyclinic through its Taiwanese partner. The distributor has extensive network of plasetic surgeons, dermatologists, and medical professionals over Taiwan. The president of the company has built close relationships with the founders of the large clinic chains in Taiwan over the years. He is keen, incisive, and eloquent in communications. The partner will distribute TESSLIFT 160 (U LIFT), the 3D premium mesh suspension system for tissue approximation, to its network of over 400 clinics in Taiwan. The company is waiting for the product to be registered in the Taiwanese FDA.

The training workshop was held at the Airlie's Taipei branch. The total 32 head surgeons of each Polyclinic branch attended the 1-hour lecture and hands-on training sessions. Without hesitation, one of the surgeons volunteered to be operated on his face during the workshop. The results performed on all three patients were exceptional.

TESSLIFT, the premium mesh implant, is deployed into the SMAS layers to suspend the surrounding tissues via tissue ingrowths technology into its pores. The barbs in the implant provides the initial holding strength to suspend the tissues. The mesh and its tissue ingrowth of the surrounding tissues provide the major contributions in the later phases. This world's first innovative technology is protected under the intellectual property rights in over 42 countries.


Airlie Biomedical & Cosmetic Polyclinic Chain is the largest cosmetic clinic chain in Taiwan, which comprises more than 30 clinic branches located in multiple locations over Taiwan. As the forerunner of asthetic medicine and treatments, Airlie Polyclinic makes constant search for the most advanced form of medical technologies and treatments to be delivered to the patients.



ZISHEL GROUP is established to R&D, market, and distribute the novel medical technologies for Plastic and Reconstruction and Aesthetics. In connection with more than 23 international medical chains and +11450 private clinics, we have the mega-size distribution channels in over 52 countries covered by +35 blockbuster distributors worldwide. The majority of our executives were both educated and trained in the United States. They lead with excellence via unique leadership styles over our staffs and have propitious relationships with internationally recognized professors, physicians, and healthcare professionals worldwide. Our key differentiator is our continual investments for R&D activities under variety of applications. In the fast-changing healthcare environment, we challenge ourselves to adapt to new trends and lead developments for novel solutions tailored to our clients' needs.



TESSLIFT is a privately owned medical device company, dedicated to the development and commercialization of the world's first invented mesh suspension implants. TESS is an abbreviation for Tissue Elevation Suspension System. For research initiatives underway, we desire to use our novel technology to expand its use to meet other unmet clinical needs. With that in mind, we are closely cooperating with surgeons and biomedical engineers to maximize the safety and effectiveness of our products.




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