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ULIFT (TESSLIFT 160) is Now Available Via WONJIN PLASTIC GROUP, S.KOREA's Largest Aesthetic Clin

SEOUL, KOREA, Oct.20, 2017 -- TESSLIFT CO., LTD., a leading provider of tissue approximation technologies for Plastic & Reconstruction markets, announced today that it will supply its non-absorbable brand, ULIFT (also known as TESSLIFT 160) to the largest plastic surgery clinic in South Korea. Wojin Plastic Group has branched out to China, Singapore, and Thailand with an annual revenue of over 200M usd. "The non-absorbable brand is classified as more safe than the absorabable threads and lasts up to 5 years or so. If you want the treatment with the least recurrence of sagging, ULIFT is the answer," said Dr. Lee, physician of WONJIN PLASTIC. Dr. Lee has given a comprehensive lecture about TESSLIFT and its ingrowth technology at the recent Korea-China-Japan Anti-Aging Forum and Daewoong subsidiary company-DNC's Asia Aesthetic Conference. Nearly 700 and more medical professionals attended the lectures.

TESSLIFT, the premium mesh implant, is deployed into the SMAS layers to suspend the surrounding tissues via tissue ingrowths technology into its pores. The barbs in the implant provides the initial holding strength to suspend the tissues. The mesh and its tissue ingrowth of the surrounding tissues provide the major contributions in the later phases. This world's first innovative technology is protected under the intellectual property rights in over 48 countries.


WONJIN PLASTIC chain is the leader in Aesthetic Medicine. The headquarter clinic comprises more than 40 plastic surgeons and best aestheti technology in S. Korea. Wonjin has established one of the largest aesthetic center in China as known as Evergrande Health Industry Group. With the extensive experience in aesthetic treatments through 16 years and more, WONJIN BEAUTY never stops making progresses in the world of aesthetic medicine.



ZISHEL GROUP is established to R&D, market, and distribute the novel medical technologies for Plastic and Reconstruction and Aesthetics. In connection with more than 23 international medical chains and +11450 private clinics, we have the mega-size distribution channels in over 52 countries covered by +35 blockbuster distributors worldwide. The majority of our executives were both educated and trained in the United States. They lead with excellence via unique leadership styles over our staffs and have propitious relationships with internationally recognized professors, physicians, and healthcare professionals worldwide. Our key differentiator is our continual investments for R&D activities under variety of applications. In the fast-changing healthcare environment, we challenge ourselves to adapt to new trends and lead developments for novel solutions tailored to our clients' needs.



TESSLIFT is a privately owned medical device company, dedicated to the development and commercialization of the world's first invented mesh suspension implants. TESS is an abbreviation for Tissue Elevation Suspension System. For research initiatives underway, we desire to use our novel technology to expand its use to meet other unmet clinical needs. With that in mind, we are closely cooperating with surgeons and biomedical engineers to maximize the safety and effectiveness of our products.




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