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Driven by the World Class Medical Devices and Cell Biotech R&D to Provide Expertly Curated Suite of Products and Services.
ZISHEL MEDICAL sets the new standard in medical aesthetics and therapeutics industry by elevating patient and physician experiences through the world class development of innovative technologies.
Pioneering R&D

Our founders and members of the board consist of globally renowned medical surgeon, biomedical engineers, and healthcare providers from US and Korea. Such experienced group takes immense dedication to quality and control of the products, guiding every choice we make. As the leading group in the industry and for its reputation, we ceaselessly surpass both providers and patient expectations.


With over 25% of revenue invested in R&D, ZISHEL MEDICAL team is committed to staying at the forefront of medical and aesthetic technologies. Our excellence in innovations not only chase the instant outcomes, but also the unparalleled future outcomes for the patients and providers. 

Core Areas of R&D
Scaffolds Technology
Exosomal Technology
Proprietary Formulations and Design of Scaffold, registered under +45 countries, is developed to mimic and create the next-level ECM environment. 
Proprietary manufacturing techniques that sets our methods apart from the conventional approach to exosome productions. Our methods, driven by CtrlSource Codes™, employs extra loop to ensure safety, consistency, and effectiveness of the exosomes production.
Radio Frequency Technology
Stem Cell  Culturing and Therapies
Proprietary manufacturing techniques to stem cell culture and therapies are developed by our research team or specialists with +20 years of experience.
Newly developed RF technology that is one of its kind, encasing different function and features seen from those of conventional RF tech based devices.  
Mesotherapy Solution
Premium aesthetic solutions developed with low chemical ingredient for skin radiance and lipolysis. 
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