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CEO & Vp of regulatory affairs department

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Mr. Jimmy Kim, CEO on the management team of ZISHEL GROUP, executes multi-level activities with a natural leadership style and commitment to excellence. He has founded 4 biotech companies under his patents. His passion for medical innovations has excited since his research trainings at Biomimetic Laboratory of Harvard Medical School and Nano-Bio Modeling Lab of Georgia Institute of Technology. Holding B.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, Mr. Kim has led the international research collaborations with surgeons and professors from Harvard University and Emory University. His 8 medical patents for tissue grafts, sterilization devices, IVD devices, and surgical staplers are applied and registered in over 45 countries. 


vp OF manufacturing and quality control department

Dr. Min Kim, president and VP of R&D department of ZISHEL GROUP, adds his surgical expertise to the R&D affairs held in the company. He was trained both in South Korea and United States. Over the 25 years of research and medical businesses, he has founded two hospital chains - Saerom Hospital Group and Min Clinic. His passion for medical innovations has began since his research work at the Anti-aging Medicine Group of Yale University. He had led a team of talented researchers to create innovations for immuno-therapies. Dr. Min Kim is also known for his surgical expertise in ENT & Plastic Reconstructions. He has performed surgical operations  for over 25 years. His previous trainings and fellowships were held in Ohio Plastic Surgery Center and Oklahoma Plastic Surgery. He is the keynote speaker for international conferences such as Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine (AMWC), Congress of Eastern Cosmetic Surgery (ECS), and Asia Forum for Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine (AFAS).

Ilene kim,

vp OF HUMAN RESOURCES department 

Ms. Ilene Kim studied Government with concentration in international relations at Cornell University. She directs and coordinates the administrative functions and leads the recruiting team of ZISHEL GROUP.

young suh,

vp of medical engineering Department

As a graduand of PHD in Biomedical Engineering from Cornell University, he has experiences with diabetes, cancer metastasis, and sugar glycation of the 3D collagen ECM research. Furthermore, he has been involved with novel micro-fluid devices for variety of applications. He has an undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering from Cornell University. 

Sun lee,

vp of marketing & sales department

Ms. Sun Lee studied business management at Korea University. Grew up in China, she is fluent in Chinese,  English, and Korean. She leads our marketing teams for both domestic and international divisions - European, American, and African regional divisions, establishing the target sales to meet the business objectives of ZISHEL GROUP.

Paul phillip weiser,

vp of business analytics

Mr. Weiser graduated from Otto-von-Guericke University, Germany with a Bachelor's degree in International Managmenet. He then moved on to study Master's degree in International Business at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.  He has extensive knowledge in data science and had worked for SYPA-Tech Deutschland GmbH as a financial analyst for many years.

jin yoo

vp OF legal affairs department 

Graduated from Seoul National University, Mr. Jin Yoo passed the judicial exam to become a licensed lawyer. He has extensive knowledge in international laws and business laws. He trains and directs the partner lawyers and law consultants in the legal department.


vp of engineering Department

As a graduand of PHD in Mechanical Engineering from Seoul National University, he has vast prior experiences with steering cannulas for medical applications from Korea Institute of Science of Technology (KIST). Mr. Kim is familiar with filing medical patents. He has an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

steven kang,

vp of global business development 

Mr. Kang graduated with the bachelor’s degree in Risk Management & Insurance from Georgia State University. His fluency in Korean and English comes from his past experiences in Korea and the United States. He was the former Purchasing Manager for Lee & Bruster’s, Asia regional partner of Bruster’s based in the U.S, conducting importation and exportation of the products. He leads our global sales team with a passion to achieve the objectives of ZISHEL GROUP and goals of our international partners.



Ms. Kim studied Biological Sciences at University of Tsukuba, Japan. She is fluent in English, Japanese, and Korean. Her extensive knowledge in biological sciences helps her organize both in and out funds to ZISHEL GROUP. Delivering the scientific message to the public in the most appropriate form is her primary asset.   



MARKETING DIRECTOR of marketing & sales department

Graduated from Lingaya's University with a Computer Engineering major, Ms. Christina Humtsoe is the Head Editor at North East India International Model United Nations and has experiences at KorEstate, Korea as the VP of Operations. Managing the data logistics to marketing is her primary strength. She is also a graduand of International MBA at Sogang University. 

celina dayacap,

MARKETING DIRECTOR of marketing & sales department

Ms. Celina Dayacap graduated from University of Asia and the Pacific with a Bachelor's degree in Integrated Marketing Communication. She was the former CEO for Tensity Agency, Account Executive for JaymeSyfu, and Marketing Director for King's Cross Veterinary & Nutrition. Also, she is the national wildcard winner for L'Oreal Brandstorm 2015. She is a graduand of international MBA at Sogang University.

bruno thomas,

MARKETING DIRECTOR of marketing & sales department

Mr. Bruno Thomas graduated from University of Lisbon, Portugal  with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in environemntal engineering science. His extensive network in Euurope and his expert skills to communicate has been demonstrated in his former projects. As a graduand of MBA, he fosters his team by planning out the comphensive but concise strategies to market building.



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